Wear it loud and proud: Showing school spirit with custom t-shirts

College School Spirit T-shirt

It’s a new school year: time to break out the welcome packets and bring in the freshman. Starting at a new university or high school can be a scary task. Everybody is nervous and everybody wants to feel like they belong. So why not give your students the chance to wear their new school spirit with pride? 

At Rivet Press, we print shirts and apparel for all kinds of companies, businesses and nonprofit organizations. Some of our favorite projects have been printing t-shirts for incoming freshmen. We remember the days of stepping on our first college campus. And though it may seem like a minor thing, it can mean a lot to a student to be able to finally wear their school shirt.

That’s why we think it’s so important that students have a shirt that looks great and feels great. We love screen printing on super soft material for our t-shirts. And we also love printing great designs. 

Here's a t-shirt we printed for Indiana Wesleyan University. Remember those good ole' days?

Here's a t-shirt we printed for Indiana Wesleyan University. Remember those good ole' days?


If you work at a school or university and are interested in learning more about our custom screen printing services, don't hesitate to get in touch. We do our best to work with every customer depending on their needs. If you don't have a design, we can help you create one with our in-house design team. If you're not sure what type of shirt to choose, we can help you select the perfect mix of soft and affordable to fit your project. 

Incoming classes come in all shapes and sizes. Our print team is equipped and ready to handle everything from large orders for universities to custom, one-off print projects for a classroom. Maybe you have a shirt idea for a school event or fundraiser. Or the previous school shirt in the campus bookstore is getting a bit outdated and you want a more modern design.

We'd love to help you out: because school spirit should look and feel good for everyone to wear.


Have a project in mind? Tell us more.