The 4 Key Ingredients to a Quality T-shirt


There’s no secret ingredient to creating the perfect t-shirt. Designing an awesome shirt depends on lots of different factors, and when it comes to screen printing there’s no one-size-fits-all. That being said, no matter what kind of project you have in mind, we have found that there is a killer combination that will get you pretty darn close.

There’s a lot of thought that goes into creating a great t-shirt. Important choices need to be made: what fabric should you choose? What about the fit? How will the design look?

These are all great questions. To get you started with the right frame of mind, here are the 4 key ingredients that go into making an amazing t-shirt.


At Rivet Press, we love making and wearing super soft, comfortable shirts. There are lots of different fabrics to choose from when screen printing t-shirts, and each kind has a distinct set of pros and cons (for more on those, check out our blog post on shirt materials). But even if softness isn’t your top priority, we still stick by one of our key mottos: our goal is to create shirts that feel just as good as they look. 

That goal can be achieved through a number of different combinations. Need to print a line of sports apparel? Polyester is probably your best bet. Just need a super comfy, lazy day kind of shirt? A poly/cotton blend or tri-blend might be nice. We could talk shirt fabrics all day: so if you have questions, drop us a message or give us a call to see what material is best for your screen printing project.


This may seem like a subtle choice, but shirt fits can vary a lot depending on the brand. Some brands offer women’s fit shirts that are more snug than men’s. But even for unisex fits, there can be variation in how a shirt feels on someone’s body. 

Choices that relate to fit may include slim vs flowy or light vs heavy. It’s important to decide how you want the shirt to feel when someone puts it on.  


Shirt styles can also vary depending on the brand. A good example of different styles would be a crew neck vs v-neck shirt. There’s also an option of the newer, “swoopy” neck where the shirt collar naturally droops a bit. 

Style also relates to the kind of shirt color you choose. For example, do you want a solid color or something with a bit of texture to it? Should the shirt be a dark or light color? Part of finding the right shirt style requires you to think about who will be wearing the shirt and what they want it to look and feel like. If you feel like you could use some pointers, we can also take you through our top recommendations to get you started.


So far, we’ve covered decisions that relate to the shirt itself. But before that step, it’s important to first nail down an awesome design. Your design should reflect your brand while also being creatively engaging and unique.

We love designs that are bold, clean and thoughtful. No matter your design preference, your design should be totally unique to you and your brand. Looking for some direction in this area? Our design team would be happy to chip in. Request a quote or send us a quick message to connect.

Cover those 4 areas, and you’ll be on your way to creating a quality screen printed t-shirt. But that’s just an overview of where to start. If you’re curious about how to choose the best combination for your project, give us a call. We love helping people find that perfect blend of comfort, fit, style and design.


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