Artwork Guidelines

Rivet Press takes pride in our design work and we love offering our design services to our customers, but some clients have their own creative abilities or resources they wish to utilize for their projects. We’re happy to accept artwork from our customers for their screen printing projects.

Submitting your own designs can allow you to avoid our design service fees, and in some cases can improve the turnaround time of the screen printing process. Please follow the below artwork guidelines and recommendations to ensure a smooth a timely process that meets your expectations.

Preferred File Types

Rivet Press prefers the below file types:

  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)

  • Adobe Photoshop (.psd)

  • Encapsulated Postscript (.esp)

Submitting other file types, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP may incur design fees. In some cases, if you submit artwork that is not our preferred file type, but is a large and clean file, we can often prepare that design to be an acceptable and useable file.

Artwork Sizing

Ideally, any submitted artwork should be prepared to the scale that it would be printed.

We’d recommend, in most cases for adult unisex apparel, that front and back artwork not exceed 12.5” wide x 15” tall. This ensures that the artwork could fit nicely on an XS shirt and above. If any larger, the artwork may come close to, or actually touch, the seams of a smaller shirt which may affect the quality and appearance of the print.

Left chest artwork is typically 4” wide, maximum. If any larger, the artwork would likely veer to the center of the shirt on small shirts (XS and youth / kids sizes).

Youth sized apparel (youth XS-XL) artwork should typically not exceed 10” wide x 13” tall.

If you plan to order both adult/unisex sized apparel AND youth sized apparel, you may consider setting artwork at 10” wide x 13” tall. This size would fit on all possible adult and youth sizes and would still appear to an average scale. If you prefer the maximum sized artwork for the adult tees (12.5”x15”) and the youth tees (10”x13”) then this would require two sets of screens and would incur additional setup fees.

Onesie / Toddler sized apparel (2T-5T) artwork should typically not exceed 6” wide x 8” tall.