Group Ordering


If you need apparel for a large group of people, like a sports team, school project or company division, you may want to consider using our group ordering process. This method allows each person to order their preferred size and style of apparel directly online, and takes out the hassle of you having to track down information and collect payment from each individual. Once you choose the basics of your product, we’ll take care of the details. 

Before we get to the details of how it works, here are some quick benefits of using group ordering:

  • Less time tracking down sizes from people
  • Avoid having to collect payments
  • Direct shipping to each person who orders, or an option to pick up in-store
  • Control over setting a timeline for when a patron can order and when they should have their shirt in-hand
  • Professional online presentation of product and easy ordering through a link

Group ordering is simple and hassle free. Here's our process in 4 easy steps.

1. Finalize the project details

First we’ll work on finalizing the project details with you. This includes deciding on a design for your shirt, sweatshirt or other apparel. It also includes the brand of apparel, color, style and sizes offered to your patrons.  Here are a few other items we’ll help you decide on as well:

  • Cost per unit - this is the amount that you, as the host organization, will pay for the production of each shirt.
  • Price per unit - this is the amount that the patrons will pay for the final product.
  • Mockup - a mockup is the digital presentation of your product. This will be a professional, high-quality image of what the final piece will look like. It’s also what each patron will see when they place their order.

2. Choose the timeline

Once the product details have been decided, you’ll need to set a timeline for people to order. By setting a date for when ordering begins and ends, you can define a set number of days (or weeks) for patrons to order a product. You can also set a final date when each person needs to receive their purchase by. We can either ship each item directly to the patron, or you can pick up the product when it’s finished to distribute yourself.

3. Share the details

We will create a link with the product listing and host it as a hidden link on our website. That way only people you send the link to will be able to buy your product. 

When you share the link with your patrons, you’ll also need to tell them the following:

  • When the order period starts and ends
  • The price for each item
  • Whether the order will be shipped to them, or handed out from within the organization

4. Printing and distribution

The final step is for us to get printing. After the order period closes, we will have the exact number of shirts to order. Once the blank shirts are ordered, we will print them and let you know as soon as they’re finished. Then we’ll either ship them or schedule a time for you to pick them up for distribution.

Have more questions about how it works? Contact us or check out our FAQ page. If you’re ready to get started, head over to our Request a Quote page and be sure to include that you want to set up Group Ordering.