Live Screen Printing

What is it?

Live screen printing can be a great addition to any event. Whatever your type of event, people love seeing a shirt being made from start-to-finish, right before their eyes. Never seen live screen printing before? It’s basically exactly what you might guess: we bring a small printing press, a heating unit to dry the ink, some blank shirts, some screens of your prearranged designs, and some buckets of ink to print t-shirts live, anywhere. 

People love getting a behind-the-scenes look at how shirts are printed. And even better, we’ve found that people love getting to take part in the process by printing the shirt themselves (with a helpful hand standing by). Then, of course, they get to keep their printed item.

Why live screen print?

Having a live screen printing booth is a memorable way to set your event apart from the rest. It’s an opportunity for people to take part in the creative process, and to walk away with something quite literally “hot off the press”. Plus, by using Rivet Press to live screen print at your event, you don’t have to worry about any of the setup, tear down, folding or printing (unless you want to help of course!).

Here are some of the benefits to having live screen printing at your event:

  • Opportunity to sell merchandise 
  • Memorable activity for people to watch or take part in
  • Custom t-shirt for people to walk away with “hot off the press”
  • Cool way to show off your creative flair
  • Build brand awareness

Live screen printing can be an amazing way to add something unique and memorable to your event. Let us help you make it special with some fresh tees and custom apparel.