The Ordering Process

The Ordering Process

Placing a screen printing order with Rivet Press is quick and easy. We’ve learned to streamline our ordering process so that your shirts, sweatshirts and custom apparel can be printed and off the press in no time. Forget the hassle: order online or call us for a quote today. 

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to request a quote page

  2. Provide a design or request design services

  3. Choose a garment style and color

  4. Approve the quote

  5. Approve the mockups

  6. Production

  7. Pick up or ship order

  8. Payment (via invoice or in-store)

Request a quote

Start your order by filling out a quick online form. There are a few details we need to get started, but don’t sweat it if you’re still thinking through the specifics. If you’re not sure what to put for some of the fields, we can make recommendations on the best apparel style, color and brand for your screen printing project. We’ll respond to your submission within 48 business hours. 

Choose a garment style and color

If you know exactly what you’re looking for in a shirt style and color, let us know. If not, we can recommend the perfect blend of style, fit and color to match your budget. We can also advise you on how many shirts you should start out printing if you don’t have a number in mind yet (more info on our FAQ page).

Provide a Design or request services

Some clients come to us with a design all ready to go. But others take advantage of our in-house design team by using us to source and create original artwork (current hourly rate applies). If you do have a design prepared, we’ll be in touch shortly to get the file from you. Check out our Artwork Guidelines to ensure that we’re receiving and printing exactly what you’re envisioning for your project.  

Approve the Quote

This is the part where we send you our proposal based on the form you submitted or the information we’ve gathered from you. We do our best with every client to work within their specific budget, while still maintaining the highest level of quality. Typically we will give each person who submits a quote an informal call or email to talk learn more about the project before formalizing a quote. If you’re happy with the plan, then we can settle on a final mockup design.

Approve the Mockups

Our design team will put together a digital mockup of what your final product will look like off the press and send it to you for approval. This is our final chance to run things by you, and make sure everything looks just how you want it before we start pressing. Some things to consider when reviewing the mockup are design sizing and location. If you see something that looks off, let us know! This is the stage to smooth out any final kinks.


Payment for print jobs is quick and easy. We’ll send you an invoice via email. You can pay online via credit card or PayPal, send a check, or pay in-store. Check out our payment terms for more info. Once we receive your payment, we’ll begin the production process.


Time to start pressing. We’ll let you know a timeframe as soon as the mockups are approved, but we pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time of about a week on most orders (depending on quantity). 

Pick up or ship order

Once the all the apparel has been printed, we’ll notify you to let you know when you can swing by to pick up your order. If picking up isn’t convenient for you, we offer free local delivery to customers in the Indianapolis area or can also ship to an address of your choosing. Just be sure to let us know when and where you need it.