Printing Styles

There are a handful of ways to screen print on t-shirts and other garments. Different inks can be used to produce various results in the overall look and feel. At Rivet Press, we use three main styles of ink that create their own unique end-product: plastisol, water-based, and discharge ink. We’re not partial to any of these methods because they each offer their own advantages and drawbacks.  We love the look and feel of water-based and discharge ink, but also appreciate the long-lasting benefits of plastisol ink.

Learn more about our printing styles below or contact us to find out which print style will work best for your custom printed shirts.

Shirt with Plastisol Ink

Plastisol Screen Printing

Plastisol is the most common type of ink used for screen printing because of its ease of use and long-lasting opacity and vibrancy. Learn more to find out if plastisol is the right ink for your project.

shirt with water-based ink

Water-based Screen Printing

Water-based ink can provide a vintage look and a soft-hand feel. Many people love the way they can barely feel the design on their apparel with this printing method.

shirt with discharge ink

Discharge Screen Printing

Discharge ink is a type of water-based ink that essentially removes the dye of the garment and replaces it with pigment. It works best on dark fabric and is super soft.