Designs That Stand Out

Graphic design for apparel can be a big deal. It can create brand loyalty, advertise, or distinguish you from the competition. It can also broadcast your identity, or pique curiosity and invite people to get to know you. The best way to make sure you put your best foot forward is through professional apparel design services. Rivet Press can help bring your design idea to a wearable product that stands out. Good designs for custom apparel are a great way to make sure your brand, organization, or product is displayed in the best way possible.


Get a Professional Design For Your Apparel

Creative. Strategic. Cohesive.

Our goal is to help make sure your apparel leaves a lasting impression. We want your image and message to be memorable and purposeful. A well-designed garment that meets both your creative needs and marketing strategy is something to be valued. We also want to make sure that if someone looks at your apparel they will know it is associated with your brand. Having a cohesive look across multiple platforms helps build brand recognition--and custom printed apparel is no exception.

Design for Screen Printing
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Here’s What We Can Do For You

You might only have a general idea of what you want on your shirts. Or, you simply don’t have the time to have your designer put something together for your upcoming event. Maybe you just need some help converting your raster to a vector format for screen printing. In any case, let us know what you have in mind. Rivet Press has the creative experience to develop or strengthen your design for your apparel needs. Consider us your creative team. We’d love to help.